A downloadable Twitter Bot

I am a university lecturer who teaches C# programming to first year undergraduate students at the University of Derby.  Given that we are still in the formative stages of a Computer Science degree, many are not ready to write their own games that use procedural content generation.

Given that some sort of PCG is a requirement for #procjam, it was actually rather timely that we were are in the midst of teaching built-in or externally developed classes in Object Oriented languages.  As such, we could focus on the use of List<T> and Random.  This, alongside an external C# API (Tweetinvi), allowed us to write a random tweet generator, which we have affectionately called 'The Tweetinator'.

The final code and what it tweets is the product of two lectures in our 'Programming I' class.  The final build can be found here:


A final version of the source code will be placed online in due course.

In addition, a longer discussion of what was done and how will be made available on my personal site.